May Favorites

may favies.jpg

Here is my second monthly favorites and I'm very happy to share them with you!


David Doran

An award winning illustrator based in UK, who captures daily situations, which mostly contain interesting scenery with a man or a woman fitted perfectly into the composition. His style is a representation of a modern, colorful illustration.

MUSIK entertainment

Princess Chelsea - Cigarette Duet

I found Princess Chelsea completely by a coincidence and I immediately fell in love with this song. The lyrics are funny and the melody very catchy!


The New Yorker - The Kush That Keeps Paul Kalkbrenner Up All Night by Nick Paumgarten

It got a bit quiet the past years around one of the most successful techno producers and DJs, Paul Kalkbrenner. Therefore when I saw this article on The New Yorker, I got quite curious. The article is a whimsical description of the journalist's meeting with Kalkbrenner. He shares a bit of his private life together with his approach to his career nowadays.