Traveling helps me catch a breath and get distanced, not only to the every day routine and surroundings, but also to myself. Stepping out of my life for few days makes me come back each time with a newer, fresher point of view. The every day annoyance is replaced with harmony, peace and joy. At least for a while. I enter the new days after a trip with opened hearted and positivity. Especially big cities have this magical influence on me, there I'm truly in my own element. 

Last week I have been to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe - Paris. Every time I visit the capitol of France I am absolutely astound due to its beautiful architecture. Correct me if I'm wrong, but all the stone buildings with the french black balconies, the 2 stone Triumph Arches and the metal Eiffel Tower (the list could go on) gave me the impression that Paris is a city of stone and metal. Or is it everywhere like this?

Along its history Paris became a very luxurious place, but as any big city the luxury clashes the poverty. On Champs-Élysées you get to stand in a queue to enter Louis Vuitton store, whereas just below it, in metro you can smell urine, and you don't have to drive much afar from the city center to see homeless people sleeping on the subway stations. But besides that, I still believe that traveling with subway is the best option - it's the fastest, most convenient and it brings you everywhere.

When I was in Paris app. 10 years ago, I came across big difficulties when I tried to communicate in english. Nowadays wherever I went, almost everyone spoke english and if not, they tried their best to talk in english. Did it changed so much during only 10 years? Or was I just maybe more lucky this time? Not to mention, I only met kind, nice and helpful people, doesn't matter who they were - an apothecary, security on the train station, waiters, random people on the street or in a bar.

I am aware that not everyone is a fan of Paris, but after my last visit I came back with so many positive memories, that I can only recommend it!