90s Cartoons


For some of you, who grew up in the 90s, this post might be a bit of a travel in time. While writing this, I have had hundreds of memories coming back. I was always a huge fan of cartoons and animations and somehow this still didn't change (I will get 29 this year). All things colors, shapes, movement, storytelling fascinated me ever since I was little. Today I will share with you some of my favorite childhood cartoons, do you know any of them?


Dexter's Laboratory My all time favorite cartoon from cartoon network. It tells a story about a genius boy, whose not so intelligent sister (fascinated by buttons) sneaks up into his secret lab to destroy his experiments.


Johnny Bravo Who doesn't remember Johnny Bravo? A pumped up narcissist, trying to get all the girls and always fails.

Pinky and the Brain Like in many cartoons from this era, the plot is based on two main characters with extremely different level of intelligence. It's about two lab mice: the Brain tries to concur the world and the Pinky follows him in their never-ending mission.


Adam's Family I assume this one is known to almost everyone. Creepy and magical house, inhabited by a mysterious family, whose members actually show - under a big layer of fantasy - typical traits of a regular family.


The Powerpuff Girls A cartoon series about sisters with accidentally created superpowers by their scientist-father. They are saving their town on a daily basis from all the thieves and monsters