September Favorites

sep favies cropped.jpg

Ha! It's the end of the month again, so here I go with my new monthly favorites!

I skipped one for August, because I had no highlights back then. But new month and new season brought lots of newness in my life.


Just started watching the new series recently released at Netlix. Main reason why I decided to check it out was my favorite actress of all times, Emma Stone, staring as one of the main characters (besides that, I enjoyed all of the movies I have seen her in and Maniac is no exception.) 

As far as now I've seen just a couple of episodes, on which my opinion is based. The plot is quite mysterious and the climate is similar to the one in Stranger Things. It forces the viewer to pay attention (which is for me a big plus in cinematography), it's confusing and very peculiar (which I also appreciate a lot). It is partially somewhat funny, but mostly sad and kind of shocking. It surely makes me get all the feels and that's what I think makes it an artwork (in my personal opinion).

MEGAN PELTO illustrator

On my never ending search for beauty I stumbled upon Megan P. She is an other illustrator and animator who won my heart. Megan's work is digital, girly and modern with a  strong color palette. Positivity beams out of her illustrations, pastel colors make them soft and texture adds them character.


I think people will always find new ways of printing (and I get it, it's so much fun!). Riso print is not new anymore, but most of the people never heard of it. It gives the printouts special, interesting grainy imperfection, that's why more and more artists use this technique to print their illustrations. It's definitely worth to get to know it (if you're into that kind of thing). The linked article on Wepresent is probably covering most (if not all) about Riso print and its history.

Where I live Riso printing is unfortunately nonexistent, but I don't give my hopes up, maybe one day I will have the opportunity to check it out myself!