Self improvement

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They say never change the running system. But does the system actually work for you? I've been through a rough patch the past years, constantly unsatisfied with myself and the surroundings. I needed a change, needed something to get me going creatively and personally. Then I started the journey of self improvement. This is a short introduction into what I have learnt as far as now.

Self awareness

It's important to know yourself and to realize which traits of yours stand in the way of achieving goals you are aiming for. I deeply believe, that self-awareness is a key to happiness. (Isn't this what everyone is endlessly searching for?)

Get to know yourself better

First step is finding out who you are in a sense of realizing what you're actually good at, what brings you joy and what makes your angry. There are few ways to get to know yourself better: ask your true friends and family about their honest opinions, start observing your reactions towards specific situations, search for patterns. What helps you balance mentally? Sport? Reading? Going for a walk?

Start the change

Once you established what actually makes you happy and got to know your character and how you're perceived by the others, you can move towards the second step, which is figuring out what can you change in yourself and your environment for the improvement. For example, if you are losing your nerves, because of stinky people in the bus, maybe you should consider getting yourself a car or taking the bike. If you find a trait in yourself, which is contra productive and brings you down instead of up, you might want to work on that. If you realize, that something is good for you, like for example meditation, then try to make a habit out of it. Collect the positivity and hang on to it.

And then

Self-analysis is necessary every now and then. Sometimes you might get through the first steps, start working on a change, even get that habits going, but then get distracted. It's good to write a journal to prevent chaos in your head. Stop every few months, look back, did you improve? Did you learn how to handle difficult situations? Reflect. After that think about your next steps. Which direction do you wanna go? This is a never ending work, but one of the most satisfying I have ever encountered. Once you start realizing what kind of power you have over yourself and your life, everything gets easier. 

Thanks for reading.