Storing Summer in Jars


Summer end makes many people down, but I'm not one of them! After many weeks of constant heat I am awaiting first autumn days with anticipation. First of all I really like when it rains, second - don't you feel that cooler air makes you feel like catching a fresh breath after weeks of frying in the sun?

But I do enjoy Summer and all of the delicious food that it brings. Each year I'm trying different recipes to store the fresh goodness in jars. This year was extremely fruitful in Europe and I happened to get lots of fruits and vegetables from people I know, who have gardens. It wasn't possible to eat everything, so I preserved them into jams, mousses, compotes and sauces and put down in my cellar. It's a good way to prevent the food from going to waste and fills up the pantry, which I find practical for a few reasons. As a person, who cooks every day, sometimes in the evenings I'm too tired or just don't feel like cooking, so having the opportunity to get a self made half-ready pasta sauce from the pantry is very useful. This saves me from eating unhealthy frozen pizza bought in the market and from spending money on a take out!

Have you got any tasty recipes for preserving the food?