April Favorites

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It's been a while since the last blog post due to many other activities I was buried in the past few weeks. I'm happy I finally found a bit time to sit down and create a new post. Its theme is a new one on my website - monthly favorites. I decided to share with you each end of the month articles, books, shows, artists and art materials which inspired me, made me laugh or I found genuinely interesting. I will include a lot of design topics, but also entertainment, such as books or TV shows.


READ something to laugh

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The New Yorker Daily Shouts: I AM THE ONE WOMAN WHO HAS IT ALL by Kimberly Harrington

As a big fan of The New Yorker, I am subscribed to their newsletter already for years. Not only does it have a long history of implementing big amounts of illustrations from the most appreciated illustrators, it also contains long and interesting articles with various topics. I don't always find time to check their newsletter, but if I do, I always have a look at the Daily Shouts section, which always makes me laugh.

My this months favorite in the read section is the text taken out of "Amateur Hour: Motherhood in Essays and Swear Words" written by Kimberly Harrington. She writes with ironical humor about the world's expectations of a successful woman and is smashing it with a bitter reality. You don't have to be a mother to like this one!


WATCH culture


A while ago my brother recommended me series on Netflix called Abstract. Ever since, I was watching an episode every now and then. This month I finished the whole season and I have to say, if you are into creative business, it's a must see. Each episode is about a creative from a different field. Throughout the whole season you get to know professionals in fields such as: design, illustration, architecture and photography (my favorite episode). Abstract is a documentary showing their business and private life.


ART SUPPLIES artsy stuff


Not long ago I found my way back to drawing and painting. (I also created a second Instagram account, where I post just hand drawn/painted work. You can find it under justyna_sketchbook.) I'm using few different techniques, but at the moment I really got into watercolors. I tried a few different brands and types of watercolors (stones, liquid, tubes) and as far as now I am the most pleased with the liquid watercolors from the brand Ecoline. Since they are quite pricy I went for 3 basic colors, and from there on I try to make all the colors I want, if it doesn't work, I mix them up with my old, small Winsor&Newton palette.

That's all for my April favorites, I hope you enjoy this type of posts and also found something in here that interests you!