To get into Christmassy spirit this year, I have created three winterly illustrations throughout December. 

all 3 in 1.jpg

After illustrating I added some movement by simple animations.

The first animated illustration of this series is a wreath, in front of which the uneven snowflakes appear to slowly fall down. While creating this one it was important for me to keep the traditional colours of Christmas. I always found wreaths on wooden door full of grace and festivity, especially the winter ones.

The second illustration is coated in cold colours. The girl with a simple ice skating move is reflected in the hard ice rink, with thick snowfall.

The last one is a wooden hut surrounded by coniferous trees, all covered in a snow, like a perfectly decorated gingerbread house. The smoke coming out of the chimney and the sprinkling snow make the whole image looking crisp and joyful.